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Site Policy

Our policy regarding personal information


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We are deeply aware that personal information is important information related to the personality of an individual, and when acquiring, storing, using, disposing of, etc., we are fully committed to protecting it as well as complying with relevant laws and regulations. I will do my best.

Target personal information is information that can identify the individual customer, such as the customer’s name, address, email address, telephone / fax number, occupation, etc., provided on this site. Refers to.

When we receive personal information from customers, we will specify the purpose of use and will not use it for any other purpose.

We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party without your consent. However, this does not apply in the following cases.

If you have consented to the disclosure of personal information.
When disclosure is required by law or at the request of a government agency.
If you have no choice but to disclose your personal information to various organizations such as outsourced companies due to the operation of this site, we will disclose it. Defines and limits the necessary range, and thoroughly manages customer’s personal information by contracting with the disclosure destination.

Please note that if you individually define the handling of personal information on this site, that definition will take precedence over the above.